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Xiandu Taoist Temple
  • Xiandu Taoist Temple
  • Xiandu Taoist Temple
  • Xiandu Taoist Temple

Once named Marquis Zhao’s Shrine, Xiandu Taoist Temple is also called Marquis Zhao’s Temple or Marquis Wushang’s Temple. As the oldest ancestral temple recorded in Jinyun, it is built to offer sacrifices to Zhao Bing, an alchemist good at medication in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Zhao Bing, who styled himself as Gong’e, was born in Dongyang. He wandered in Xiandu when it is in at war and plague-ridden. At the time, he saved numerous lives by applying magic of wizardry to treat patients. Being grateful for his benevolence, the local people built a shrine to offer sacrifices to him. Since Xiandu was under jurisdiction of Wushang County in those days, Zhao Bing is conferred titles of general and Marquis Wushang by the imperial court.  Nowadays, movies and TV series like Monk Comes down the Mountain, The Legend of Flying Daggers and The Legend of the Condor Heroes were ever shot here.

Brooding Swan   Many rocks piled up at the mouth of Qinglong Col. The upper part is like a swan and the lower part is composed by several small rocks like bird eggs, which makes a spectacular view that a swan is brooding eggs. The spectacular view is formed by stacked and overhanging rocks after weathering, erosion and gravitational collapse of multi-joint and fracture rhyolite massif. Meanwhile, ten million years’ spheroidal weathering of the rock surface also caused the scene to happen.

  Qingzhi Cave It is just below the Brooding Swan. With arcuate rocks interlacing and leaning against each other, the cave looks like being piled up by pieces of ganoderma and gets the name Qingzhi Cave, i.e. Ganoderma Cave. Following a zigzag path to enter the cave, there are 3 grottoes connecting one another in the hollow part. In addition, two streams flow by the rocks with melodious sound. Walking in the cave, one may feel lost in a maze since he can only hear the sound, but with nobody at sight. Inside the tranquil cave, it’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Walking out of the cave and standing under the rocks, you will find the round rocks are as flat as they’re split by knife and sword. Therefore, it is called Xianpo Rocks, i.e. rocks split by fairies. Many movies and TV series, including Monk Comes Down the Mountain, The Romance of Book & Sword, The Legend and the Heroes and Nezha were ever shot here.

  Zhaoyin Cave Zhaoyin Cave is a cave below Blue Dragon Rock of Xiandu Taoist Temple. It was divided into two layers due to different elevations. The lower cave is lofty and spacious with a maximum occupancy of over 100 people. With steep cliff above the entrance, the water flows like waterfall in rainy days and drops to form a curtain in sunny days. Thus, it is called Raindrop Cave. On the wall behind the cave, there are reliefs of 8 great ancient physicians, including Bian Que. The upper cave is undersized and perfect for tourists to sit down and take a break. Legend has it that a woodman once watched two old men playing chess in this cave. And he found the handle of his ax rotten after only one match. At the moment, the woodmen realized he met fairies since one hundred years had elapsed in man’s world during a chess match between fairies. In view of this, it is called Lanke Cave.

  Boat of Marquis Zhao In a stream adjoining the Dragon-tail Rock to the west, there is a flagstone lying in the middle of it just like a sailing boat. According to the legend, it is called Boat of Marquis Zhao, Ship of Marquis Zhao or Stone Boat because Zhao Bing, Marquis Wushang used to have a rest on it frequently. Ancient people engraved Chinese characters of Stone Boat on it. Zhao Luming, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, ever wrote a poem titled Marquis Zhao’s Boat, which says Tired of drifting with a leaf of boat after having experienced ups and downs in life, Marquis Zhao preferred to stay in the mountains instead of roaming on the disturbing river.”